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The links below will help you to organize your ideas both at paragraph level and a paper level. Look in this section for information on writing introductions and conclusions, using outlines, writing effective paragraphs, creating coherence and unity, developing a thesis, and using transitions.

Structure Organization


Guide to Writing a Basic Essay

Advice on writing introductions from the University of Canberra



Help on Creating Structure, Using an Outline from the Purdue OWL


Reverse Outlining: An Exercise for Taking Notes and Revising Your Work

Help on Creating Structure, Using an Outline from the Purdue OWL

Sample Outlines

Essays and Arguments: Section 11


Writing Effective Paragraphs (PDF - 85KB)

Writing Tips Paragraph Builder

Developing Coherent Paragraphs

A typology of paragraphs by function, from the University of Washington

Writing topic sentences


LEO: Transition Cues

Purdue OWL: Writing Transitions

Transitional Devices

Thesis Development

LEO: Literacy Education Online. Thesis Statements

From the University of North Carolina: Constructing Thesis Statements

OWL: Online Writing Lab. How to Write a Thesis Statement

How To Write a Thesis Statement

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