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Welcome to PET/ESL PET

PET is only available to AU students with active student ID numbers. If you have an AU student ID number and are unable to log into PET, you may need to reset your password or, if you have not taken an AU course for 12 months, reactivate your account. Once your account is active, do try to log into PET again from this page.

If the Start PET button above does not work for you then you probably do not have JavaScript enabled on your browser. If possible please enable JavaScript and use the button above to start PET. If you are unable to use JavaScript you can start PET with some features unavailable by clicking the link below. Please do not use your forward, back or reload buttons if you use this link to start PET. When doing tests without JavaScript the Hints and Instructions will NOT work. After clicking Exit the Close Window button will also NOT work without JavaScript.

PET is still in development. You can contact Write Site Coordinator to report any problems you have with PET. Please indicate your contact information, computer operating system, the name and version of your web browser and details of the nature of the problem you experienced.

Start PET without JavaScript

Updated September 10 2014 by Student & Academic Services

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